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Newsletter for thoughtful fannish discussion

Newsletter for thoughtful fannish discussion
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The Thoughtful Fan newsletter is an effort to foster more thoughtful discussion/critical analysis and critical discussion/thoughtful analysis in media fandom. See the manifesto below for the types of links that will be posted.

If you'd like to suggest something for me to include, either comment here or tag the URL for natlyn at del.icio.us. Right now I am including thoughtful discussion/critical analysis for my fandoms or that I happen to run across whether on lj or elsewhere on the 'net. Eventually I hope to add other compilers and fandoms.


I was going to call this a FAQ, but noone has ever asked me any questions. Therefore, the following constitutes a manifesto: a public declaration of what thoughtfulfan is about. These lists are not exhaustive but are intended to be broad categories of articles thoughtfulfan will include. I probably have included (and may include in the future) articles that don't quite fit into the first list or that do fit into the second list. Usually my decision to include or not include an article is based on the primary emphasis of the article, which may or may not be the author's stated objective. (For example, if a writer's stated objective in writing an article on Samantha Carter is to help other fanfiction writers, that does not preclude the article's inclusion in thoughtfulfan if it contains insight to Carter's character.) However, sometimes it is based on how insightful I think a particular statement is even though it is buried in the middle of an otherwise not-for-thoughtfulfan article. And I sometimes include thoughtful discussions that occur in the comments to a post when the original post is not one that I would have included.

I am telling you all of this because I very much want you to send me articles for the newsletter, but I realize you need to know what I'm looking for and I don't want you to become discouraged if I do not use it. So, check it out:

The types of articles thoughtfulfan is looking for:

The types of articles thoughtfulfan is not looking for:
  • Critical essays that examine fanfic.
  • Explorations of aspects of a show/movie/book's fandom (i.e., the people or culture of those who participate in the fandom).
  • Episode recaps or reviews that do not offer insight or analysis.
  • Individual or group reactions to a show/movie/book that do not offer insight or analysis.
  • Essays that break the fourth wall, i.e., whose main emphasis is on the writers, actors, or directors of the show/movie/book.

Shows/movies/books eligible for inclusion
  • Almost all television shows and comics
  • sf/fantasy genre movies or movies that have fandoms
  • books that have fandoms

If you have read this far, I have one question for you: Would you like to be a compiler for thoughtfulfan? Seriously, drop me (natlyn at livejournal.com) an e-mail if you are interested.