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Newsletter for thoughtful fannish discussion



Skipped Back 20

February 8th, 2007

Shades Of Batgirl by Fortress Keeper
"Cassandra, with her dysfunctional childhood and death wish, was arguably an even darker character than Bruce - and he was a borderline psychotic in his own books back then."

True story by becs1024
"Ultimately, Clark's unflinching morality is the most superhuman thing about him. You can't expect that of people in the real world; we learn from a very young age that, if we do, we'll be disappointed."

What To Do With Diana of Themiscyra? by kaseido
In "a fairly radical departure from Wonder Woman’s depiction earlier in the modern era," [Greg Rucka's run] "re-envisioned Diana as a very relevant modern heroine, it was thematically brilliant and rich, and Rucka’s immense love of the character permeated every issue."

The Insignificant Other: A Multifandom Rant by selenak
"Several recent discussions made me think of one of my least favourite plot devices, which for lack of a better term I'd call The Insignificant Other. You know, the romantic rival who is solely inserted to heighten the angst between the movie's/show's leading couple, and inevitably ends up either revealed as evil or dismissed as unworthy so heroine and hero can finally get together."
Also Farscape, Roswell, Superman Returns, Tristan and Isolde

Spike on AtS. (It's all about Angel...) by elisi
"This essay is a look at what roles Spike took in S5 of AtS - looked at only from Angel’s side (Spike-centric, but not about Spike if you get my point)."

some Illyria thoughts by killerweasel
"Yup, the former god king is in my brain and wants me to figure out why in the hell she stayed at the Wolfram and Hart building right up until the final battle."

Battlestar Galactica
Sound and Fury: the Sputtering Candle of Battlestar Galactica by Dan Hartland
"In a show which has never been consistent in theme or even internal mythology, this character-based approach was the glue which held the show together.… Those days, however, are long gone. In its third season, Moore's show has become something quite different."

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Posing a question for Btvs fans... response by hobgoblinn
response by blueanddollsome
What if Btvs canon were whittled down to just twelve episodes? Which twelve would you choose and why?

A Thousand Words About Heroes by Roz Kaveney
"One of the reasons that Heroes works is that it never neglects the pragmatically real…. Part of learning to be heroes is acting in completely non-heroic ways."

Stargate: SG-1
Thinky Post by grav_ity
"By the end of Season Eight, Jack was almost gone and when the Ori were introduced in season nine, it became apparent why. We needed Cam."

Houses of the Holy: No faith by rez_lo
"Not faith but error, was my reading of the central issue of this episode. The false comfort of easy judgment and its potentially deadly consequences; how important it is to read the signs correctly, to question orthodoxy of all kinds, examine and re-examine appearances and assumptions, to get the killing and dying right."

Religion in the SPN 'verse by hossgal Spoilers for 'Houses of the Holy'
"Some things I got from SPN, religion-wise"

Torchwood: Sex, Violence, Religion -- check, check and double check by gentilhomme
"I think sexuality is the biggest issue [Torchwood]'s addressing, and that the sexuality ties back into the violence and religious aspects."

Jack/Jack versus Jack/Ianto by cyberducks
"[Jack and Jack] are equals, and … our Jack might have wanted to pursue more than a one-night-stand with this man, maybe even a long-term relationship - the kind of relationship that to me Jack and Ianto could never have."

Children of Men Gets It All Wrong by William Alan Ritch
"The [movie writers] Cuarón and Sexton have hijacked the book to make political points that are antithetical to the novelist’s intent. It is the worst kind of second-handerism. It is V for Vendetta all over again."

February 1st, 2007

She explodes like a fist, Batgirl part 2 by Joel Bryan
Examines Batgirl's original character arc, why it doesn't jive with the current storyline, and explores ways that it would make more sense

Talking Meta: Batman (part 1) by damo_in_japan
"So. Bruce Wayne. Batman. Dark Knight. Gotham's Sworn Protector. World's Greatest Detective. Who is he? What is "sticky" to the character? I will try to limit myself to a top 10 list and some extra commentary." Part 2.

Brat Pack: A Medical Review by Scott
Discusses the transfusion and supposed healing abilities of Midnight Mink's blood.

Battlestar Galactica
Female Action Heroes, Science Fiction, and New Myths: A Feminist Critique of Starbuck in Battlestar Galactica by Megatrouble
"In this essay I focus on tough women in science fiction films and television. Specifically, I want to discuss one character who is relatively new to the action scene: Starbuck from Battlestar Galactica. I explore how she fits into the “new post-apocalyptic” action heroines that follow in the footsteps of Trinity, Ripley, Janeway, Buffy, and Xena."

Pretentions on Pretentiousness . . . by nnaylime
"Which brings me to something I've been wondering about [Laura Roslin]. Specifically - why did she airlock Leoben?"

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
"I'm bad. Baddy bad bad bad bad. Does it make you horny?" by molly_may
"[T]he First is almost entirely a metaphor. Really, it brings back the metaphor to an extent that the series hadn't used since the early seasons, but it does it in a more oblique way than the early seasons did." Also 'Bring on the Night' discussion.

Buffy's wardrobe by opheliasxflower
Initial post and subsequent comments consider whether the characters' wardrobe choices serve "as symbolism for some of the series' more prominent scenes."

In depth analysis of the dream sequence in Heroes by snoopoony
Frame by frame analysis of Peter's blowing-up dream sequences including imbedded video and analysis of character positions, clothing and what it all means.

One of these things is not like the others: more comments on Rome 2x03 by vaznetti
"Grown-up Roman men exist to penetrate others, and whether they do this with a sword or with their cocks doesn't really matter in the larger scheme of things"

Stargate: Atlantis
John Sheppard: Blue Collar or Bastard? by cupidsbow
"While mainlining SGA (season one) over the weekend, I compared notes with a couple of friends on how we read John Sheppard. It was freaky and fascinating, because it turned out we had two wildly divergent versions of John—I'm talking quantum-mirror type differences here—and up until that point we had all thought we'd been talking about the same man."

Stargate: SG-1
Canon vs. Fanon by sg_fignewton
The canonical evidence for common fannish tropes regarding Daniel Jackson. In six parts: 1, Daniel and Coffee; 2, "Danny"; 3, Care and Feeding of Archeologists, part 1; 4, Care and Feeding of Archeologists, part 2; 6, Care and Feeding of Archeologists, part 3; 7, No more beer for you.

Yes, this is a topic completely worthy of momentarily broken quasi-awayness by sharpest_rose
"[Sam]'s this little boy, in a way that never would have become obvious if the show hadn't lasted long enough to show us the formed, adult person he's becoming now."

Wilby Wonderful and westerns (at great length) by slidellra
"See, Dan would fucking HATE spaghetti westerns. …Broadly, Dan's westerns would address issues of heroism and community, and, incidentally, male friendship and buddy relationships."

January 25th, 2007

Bizarro Speaks Out on Jason Todd by scipio
Stephanie Brown's death was well played.

Robin 120, and THEN some by thete1
On what Tim's birthday gift from Batman says about Tim, Robin, Batman, and the Robin-Batman relationship.

Two issues with Angel canon by xlivvielockex
(1) When was Angel drinking blood and when wasn't he? (2) Why did noone mourn Cordelia?

SPN Thoughts: John Winchester vs Holtz by a2zmom
"I find John almost identical in motives and characterization to Holtz over on Angel, who was played as a villain and was almost universally reviled. What a difference perspective makes."

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 5 by paulobrian
"There are, of course, lots of different themes running through any given season of Buffy, but if I had to pick one for this season, it would be family."

The Dresden Files
Parenting 101 and the supernatural: Dresden Files & SPN by wabbitseason
Compares and contrasts the parental stylings of Colm Dresden and John Winchester.

Doctor Who
Discussion topic - spoilers for Doomsday started by g_shadowslayer
"What on earth would make the Time Lords decide to keep millions of these incredibly dangerous, evil creatures alive in a prison ship that could be opened by anyone who travelled through time?"

Doctor's Girls by *mimi-na
Commentary on the Doctor's female companions in cartoon form.

due South
name? marat sade by liviapenn
"It's like Fraser is this starving puppy that RayV brought home, and now no matter how many annoying habits Fraser turns out to have (and no matter how many of Ray's suits he destroys) Ray is just *going to keep him*."

Four Reasons Why Heroes Bothers Me by Megatrouble
"The rub is this: the women of Heroes follow the same, tired trope found in comic books: firstly, a lack of strong, active women, and secondly, women who are strong are never as strong as the men."

Stargate: SG-1
"That hardly can I check my eyes from tears." - Henry VI by charmedstrange1
Considers whether canon Jack O'Neill would cry.

the things sg1 makes me do by poohmusings
Moebius 1 & 2 timeline and "even includes a fast and dirty story recap." PDF file linked from lj entry.

SPN Thoughts: John Winchester vs Holtz by a2zmom
"I find John almost identical in motives and characterization to Holtz over on Angel, who was played as a villain and was almost universally reviled. What a difference perspective makes."

Parenting 101 and the supernatural: Dresden Files & SPN by wabbitseason
Compares and contrasts the parental stylings of Colm Dresden and John Winchester.

Cyberwoman as Oedipus Rex, an analysis by crabby_lioness
"[M]odern audiences tend to think Oedipus Rex is about incest, but that is just a plot device. Oedipus Rex is … about what happens when a Hero falls in love with the wrong woman and is moved to heroic deeds in her name."

Torchwood -- Jack by melinafandom
"Before I can get to the prospects of a relationship with Gwen (or Ianto, and yes, I'll get there) I need to step back a little and think about Jack for a second."

January 18th, 2007

Rant: The Designated Girlfriend by liliaeth
"See, there's nothing worse for a character, than to get stuck as the 'designated girl/boy-friend'.… But as said before, there are exceptions to this rule. And guess what, they have one thing in common with my girl MJ, none of them were actually designed to be the heroes girlfriend."

Characterization, Canon, and Comics by brown_betty
"[I]t's not really a secret that Batman in most Batbooks is dangerously insane, compared to the by-contrast downright gregarious Batman who shows up in JLA."
Scroll down to the comments for discussion of this aspect of the post.

Daddy's Little Girl by Angel Cohn
This episode "really explored the idea of what is right and what is wrong."

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
A few S4 thoughts by elisi
Discusses where Buffy/Riley went wrong and the parallels between Adam and Buffy.

Doctor Who
The Secret History of Britain (Part One) by daniel_saunders
"This is my attempt to construct a coherent history of the UNIT era. I have tried to take as much information as possible about the history and politics of the UK in this period in Doctor Who stories and plug the gaps and fill in the background using my own extrapolations, while trying to fit in as much as possible with the real world."
In 7 parts: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.

DR. SIMON TAM: The Dork Knight Returns by executrix
"Chivalrous, brave, Very Smart, and born with a silver foot in his mouth, Simon is the heart (or perhaps the quadruple-vessel bypass) of my Firefly love."

Episode 11 (Season Three): “Words and Deeds” by Scott
"In this week’s episode of House, the mystery is good, but the medical treatment is not."

The Logic of "Longshot" by Northeastern University's Math department
"So with all the talk, no one ever seems to discuss how these successful picks were made. Certainly we know, even without Charlie, that something was crooked."

Sarah Jane Adventures
Sonic Stereotypes by ide cyan
"Why give a woman a Sonic Lipstick on a series aimed at children, whose other principal character was a young girl?"

Stargate: SG-1
Ancients, Zen, and Ego by omglaserspewpew
"It seems to me that these two important ideas [that Oma Desala teaches Daniel in 'Meridan' and 'Absolute Power'] are in direct [opposition] with each other."

Supernatural: First Impressions by Henry Jenkins
"[T]he monsters are, in effect, emotional scars and psychic wounds. They represent unresolved emotional issues, often within the context of family life, and they are also external correlatives for the emotional drama taking place in the lives of the series' protagonists."

Pirates of the Caribbean: Musings on Elizabeth's morality by fabu
"In my view, Elizabeth is above all, an expedient person -- she does what she thinks needs to be done, and she doesn't worry overmuch about morality."

January 12th, 2007

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Buffy season 4: a question of identity by stormwreath
"Season 4 is about identity, and it's about masks. It's about people not being what they seem, and people struggling to discover who they really are."

Doctor Who
Just a question regarding School Reunion and Doomsday posed by daffodiltardis
"if the Doctor managed to crack the [Skasis] Paradigm, do you think that he could use the 'building blocks of the universe' to get back to Rose?"

There's No Such Thing As Fate: Claire-Sun-Shannon by chicafrom3
"Three very different women who would probably never give each other a second glance were they based in civilization—who form a strong bond with each other in this situation they find themselves in."

Stargate: SG-1
Midseason Thoughts on Season Ten by aurora_novarum
"During this midseason, I decided to see how S10 stacked up so far to my predictions and hopes and thoughts for the future"

Teal'c meta by _minxy_
An essay on what is known and can be surmised about Teal'c. Scroll down.

Dean's Emotional State and The Condition of the Impala - Season Two, Episodes 1 - 9 by anteka
"I ended up stretching the metaphor even further than I did the first time around, looking at not just the cleanliness of the Impala, but it's position in a scene."

12 Reasons Ianto is More Than He Claims by kiltfriction
"What does all that sound more like, tea boy or Torchwood Special Ops?"

DS9: Jadzia's gender by Revena
"There’s a lot to love about Jadzia Dax, especially if you’re interested (as I am) in characters in mainstream media that participate in genderbending or gender transgressive behavior."

January 5th, 2007

In this edition, I have made links to livejournals display in a uniform light background rather than the styles of the individual journals. Please let me know if you'd like this to continue, hate it with a fiery passion, or don't care.

Battlestar Galactica
OMG... thoughts on Leoben, Kara, and the Occupation by amonitrate
Compares the occupation of New Caprica by the Cylons to Kara's imprisonment by Leoben.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
SCHOOL HARD: A Cad in Black Leather Comes to Town by Spring Summers
Spike-centric analysis of 'School Hard'

Buffy and Utena by shati
"Last night I found myself babbling … about how Buffy the Vampire Slayer is structured like Shoujo Kakumei Utena."

Doctor Who
Happy Times and Places: "Love and Monsters" by Tim Phipps
'Love and Monsters' as an examination of Who fandom.

Analyzing art: part I by Northeastern University's Math department
Provenance: Using mathematics to detect art fraud

Shoujo Kakumei Utena
Buffy and Utena by shati
"Last night I found myself babbling … about how Buffy the Vampire Slayer is structured like Shoujo Kakumei Utena."

untitled by girl_wonder
"I've been thinking about Dean and grief and John and how this whole season has built on it."

The Impala's Cleanliness by anteka
"[W]hy would someone who so obviously cares about their car let it get so filthy by the end of the season? It all leads back to Dean's emotional well being." Photoessay.

Deep Space 9: Leeta's Love Life by Revena
Not many other female characters who are as flirty and as sensual as Leeta wind up with happy endings like hers.

The Next Generation: Really, really long rant-ish type thing by babel
"There are reasons that the Occupation happened. In TNG, we find out that suffering from famine and disease drove [the Cardassians] to do what they did to Bajor. That doesn't make it right, no, but it is a factor. One that is hardly (if ever) addressed at all in DS9."

January 4th, 2007

Newsletter delayed

tegan down
Computer is running far too slowly. I will try to put together an edition tomorrow.

December 28th, 2006

(no subject)

Thoughtful Fan will return in next week.

Happy New Year!

December 21st, 2006

Battlestar Galactica
Sci-fi romance and the women of BSG by fyrdrakken
"BSG won many points from me for its portrayal of some female characters. In part I credited this simply to the large number of characters, female and otherwise -- too many to resort to stereotypes. Distinguishing characteristics became required. But -- not for all of them."

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Chosen. by elisi
Compares this apocalypse with those of 'Graduation Day,' 'The Gift,' 'and Becoming'; discusses Buffy's fighting ability/self-confidence connection; the meaning of the ending; Spike as champion; and Spike/Buffy. Includes links for two intra-episode fic and other discussion posts. Scan heavy.

Doctor Who
In which there is our heroine's Unified Theory Of The Ninth Doctor Who by spiralsheep
"There's a galaxy wide conspiracy of locked doors. There's evidence for this throughout the series."

Love and Monsters by pickwick
"The key to this episode, for me, is the fact that Elton is an unreliable narrator."

Heroes Straightens Up Its Gay Character by Brian Juergens
Tracks the evidence that Zach was conceived and written as a gay teen but is suddenly being proclaimed straight by NBC.

untitled by veejane
"Supernatural is obviously a world of magic. But I'm not sure what kind of universe that magic describes." Discussion ensues.

toward a theory (SPN) by vaznetti
One possible structure for good and evil in the Supernatural universe.

a mega-meta post (SPN) by cofax7
"I got to thinking on the way home about the metaphysics of the SPN-verse, and what we know and what we don't, and how it all works."

DS9: Keiko’s Career by Revena
The O'Briens "seem to be a couple who manage to stay together, even when they’re apart – even during the highly stressful period when their career goals are in mutual conflict."

December 14th, 2006

No newsletter today

think pooh
Remember, to comment to this post if you've seen something you think should be included in the next newsletter. The more people contribute the more likely I'll have enough articles.

December 7th, 2006

Ten comic book characters you don't know you hate yet. by teh_no
teh_no considers where the writing went wrong.

What Some of Your Favorite Superheroes Are Thankful For! by protoclown
"Have you ever wondered what some of your favorite superheroes are thankful for, come Thanksgiving season?" includes Batman, Superman, Green Arrow, Wonder Woman, among others

Stephanie Brown Memorial Case - I Don't Agree. by willow_dot_com
Discusses how the circumstances of Jason Todd's death and Batman's emotional response to it justifies a memorial in the Batcave, whereas the circumstances of Stephanie Brown's death and Batman's emotional (or lack of) response to it does not justify a memorial.

Prophecies are tricky things... by elisi
"[F]or now all I'll focus on is the prophecy. You know the one: 'The father will kill the son.' Except of course Sahjhan says he changed it a little."

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
A few vampire-related points of interest by godofgrammar
Spike does not seem to be as tortured by his soul as Angel, Spike did not fight for his soul, and why are Spike (Buffy seasons 4-6) and Harmony (Angel season 5) so human?

Doctor Who
The Time Of His Life by shinydan
"Three, quite clearly, was going through a Mid-Existence Crisis."

Women characters on Heroes by Christopher
"Yeah, I gotta say, as much as I appreciate the loving homage to all things geekerific, it would have been nice if they hadn't brought along (what seems to be so far) the casual mysogyny, expressed on the show using a lot of the same techniques as in comics and games."

Prison Break
Micheal's pre-PB character by starbrand
"In a very ironic way, Micheal didn't really come "alive" until he went to prison. And gradually, that wall he's built himself is coming down, both due to his feelings for Sara, and the direct and indirect suffering he's caused people."

Crossroad Blues" (But Mostly Meta-ish About Sam) by azewewish
Sam is, "for someone that has so much empathy for his fellow humans, THE single most clueless individual when it comes to his own brother's emotional well-being. For all that the two of them work together like a well-oiled machine, Sam honestly has no real clue what makes Dean tick."

Torchwood, charitable foundation by temaris
"For your delight and delectation, a potted theory of How Torchwood Got Its Money."

November 16th, 2006

(no subject)

tegan down
You guessed it. There will be no newsletter this week either. This time, my excuse is a cold and a 2-hour voice conference with an author. To tide you over, here's

Five Things You Didn't Know About Prison Break

All-Woman Top 25 List of the Most Brilliant Female Characters on TV Ever According to Me by Marie

November 9th, 2006

(no subject)

cartoon me
No newsletter today. I am at Eclecticon.

November 2nd, 2006

Curiosity Killed The Comm Member by cycnus39
Is Batman well-adjusted?

"B for Betrayal" by William Alan Ritch
How the Wachowskis undermined the message of Alan Moore's V for Vendetta

WWWIF: The Real Reason We Read Comics by David Brothers
Who would win in this battle of the wives of the most popular superheroes out there? Mary Jane “Face it, Tigress– I’m gonna kick your face in!” Watson-Parker or Lois “Stop the Presses! There’s about to be a murder!” Lane.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Buffy and Who by ide_cyan
"I started thinking about the differences between the shows."

Don & the FBI: sort of an essay by spikedluv
"here you will find more than you’ve ever wanted to know about joining the FBI (along with links to the relevant pages), and how their requirements would have affected Don."

Meta: SPN by sangga
A brief look at the themes of 'Something Wicked,' 'Bloody Mary,' 'Scarecrow,' 'Provenance,' and 'Phantom Traveler.'

SPN 2X05 by loligo
"At first I was really disappointed with this episode's indication that [possible spoiler]. But then I thought, what if that's exactly why the demon is doing it? What if the demon is trying to create vulnerability to his influence?"

Alternate Endings Actually Worth Watching: Clerks by Matt Singer
"The initial ending adds the extra oomph to "Dante" but it's also wildly out of character for a comedy that, while dark, essentially laughs at all of life's mysteries and dilemmas."

"B for Betrayal" by William Alan Ritch
How the Wachowskis undermined the message of Alan Moore's V for Vendetta

October 26th, 2006

Free Love by Devon Sanders
"Despite his life, literally, being a circus, despite being born "Scott Free," he's found a home. He's found his anchor. He's found that one thing that will always lead him back home and it's his woman."

Blake's 7
Some thoughts on the B7 episode 'Bounty' by Natasa
"The question most often discussed with regard to this episode is whether Blake did or didn't have the right to exert pressure on Sarkoff to leave his comfortable prison and return to the troubled people of his home planet.… One possible way of looking at this motif is to present it through the dichotomy of courtesy vs. the truth."

The Detective With a Thousand Faces by Andreanna Ditton
"[CSI] is about the dead as symbol, the dead as anything but revered. The dead aren't even representative of death, but of humanity's absurdity."

Doctor Who
Sarah Jane by neadods
"My theory is that although Sarah Jane was supposed to be the first Whovian emanicpated woman, the writers still didn't know how to really write a strong female role. Ergo, Sarah Jane, after a strong opening as a Lois Lane knockoff, was more or less demoted into the Plucky Kid Sidekick role."

Love Interest vs. Characterization by darthcorrie
"[S]ome thoughts on how writers (often male writers) write "love interests" and what that means for the characters."

I have a theory about Reinette and Rose by maramyanet
"To me, Reinette is the “finished product” … [while] Rose … still has quite a way to go."

OH - MY - GOD by manga_ghost
"Has anyone else noticed that the Girl in the Fireplace is like, a metaphor for the Doctor and Rose's relationship?"

Love Interest vs. Characterization by darthcorrie
"[S]ome thoughts on how writers (often male writers) write "love interests" and what that means for the characters."

Stargate: Atlantis
John Sheppard, Boston College, and Flutie-to-Phelan by thelastgoodname
"If … John Sheppard's favorite game/play/player is BC-Miami 1984/the Hail Mary/Doug Flutie, then we can infer any number of things from it…"

Which brother is more like John? discussion started by lady__vaako
"I thought that the reason why Sam and John fought so much was because they were very different from each other but now I'm starting to think it could be because they were too much alike...."

Meta on the Winchesters and guilt by lfg1986
"[Last week's episode] got me to thinking about what each of the Winchester men feel guilty over and how it relates to why they hunt."

October 20th, 2006

When Is A Family Not A Family? by Plok
"I mean, I wouldn't deny the family part, but the first and foremost thing gets to me, because I see it as attempting to summarize the messier nature of the [Fantastic Four]'s interrelationships right out of existence"

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Buffy Thought: Forgiveness, Earshot, And Season 6 by spacedoutlooney
"[T]here's a connection between Giles' "forgiveness is an act of compassion" statement and Buffy's speech to Jonathan in 'Earshot'."

Doctor Who
emotional life of companions by neohippie
"One of the praises the new series gets is that Rose got a lot more character development than any previous companions, and this is a Good Thing. So I was thinking, would some of the old companions have benefitted from this kind of treatment?"

Doctor Who and the Nostalgia Factor: "School Reunion" by Iain Clark
"Bringing back Sarah Jane Smith is one of the most definitive moments of the relaunched Doctor Who. Not just for what it tells us about the show's past, but for what it tells us about its present."

Truth in Anagrams: the HEROES version! by tiptoe39
"It is often said that there is truthinanagrams. I decided to apply this principle to "Heroes" and see if it could yield some clues about the show."

just what it says on the packaging by labellementeuse
"some meta about the women on the show (particularly Niki and Claire) and how I think their portrayal relates to some of the common pitfalls of women in comics"

Do Heroes Dream Of Their Own Salvation? by Amy Reads
"I like Claire, because she doesn't fit neatly into an American high-school peg. I thought they were breaking stereotypes here, and I applauded them for it. Then, [spoiler for last week's episode.]"

Stargate: Atlantis
Minor characters and Sumner started by liviapenn
A post on extremely minor characters evolves into a discussion on Sumner's character and possible interaction with Weir.

The X Files
Trust Someone by Sarah Stegall
"At once obviously derivative and fiendishly original, [Ice's] real focus is on the relationship between Scully and Mulder, as mirrored in the relationship between the scientific team of Dr. Hodge and Dr. DaSilva."

October 13th, 2006

Spider-Man: No Laughing Matters by David Brothers
"What happens when you make Peter Parker genuinely angry? What happens when he gets close to that breaking point, or possibly just past it? What happens when the jokes stop?"

The X-Men sucked in the 1960s by Rob Monroe
"I present to you, just in case you are even considering reading these monstrosities, six reasons the X-Men sucked in the 1960s."

New Teen Titans #s 39-40 and Tales of the Teen Titans #s 41-44 and Annual #3: "The Judas Contract" by Tom Bondurant
"In the longer view, [The Judas Contract] and the three issues that precede it are about potential."

Taking a Sharp Right into the Meta by kkglinka
"[W]e tend to believe, on some hidden level, that the social elite (whether economic or popular) are good people and the poor are inherently bad. Heroes tend to come from one group, villains from the other and, if a villain comes from the wrong group, it's because they're a crazy person."

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Race and the Slayer by thelastgoodname
"As yet another character that showed up in only one episode, I find Dana a fascinating commentary on the role of race in Buffy fandom (and Buffy canon. And Joss' head): why is Dana's insanity, Slayerness, and gender never put in frame with her ethnicity?"

"Actually, Billy Idol stole his look..." by molly_may
"Xander continues in his S7 role of being the mature Comfortador kind of guy" episode review of 'Sleeper'

Doctor Who
Triumph of a Time Lord (Part Two): An Interview with Matt Hills
In which we learn that "the different emotional dynamic of the new series … compared to the emotional reserve one associates with some of the earlier Doctors is to reach a female audience."

Puzzling question started by actorstl
"Is there a diffrance between a "Gallifrein" and a "Time Lord". Do all people on Gallifrey regenerate or is it only the Time Lords."

Thoughts on Rose in season 2 by darthcorrie 10th Doctor spoilers
"So it occurs to me that Rose really had two different character arcs in season 2.… The problem with [the second arc] is that the conclusion of this arc actually clashes with the conclusion of the first."

Becoming Larry by sistermagpie
"[Alan is] worried Charlie isn't going to get married and have children and might instead turn out "like Larry," his weird physicist friend. Turns out Charlie has had the same fears. Not only did I find that a pretty disappointing thing to learn they think about their friend, I thought it was a profound misunderstanding of who Larry is."

Finding Megan: The Trawler Problem by Northeastern University's Math Department
"One of Charlie's key contributions in last night's episode is the idea of finding Megan by applying the ideas of the classical "Trawler Problem." Here is a somewhat simplified version; we'll deal with the slightly more complicated one afterwards."

Stargate: Atlantis
Some Thoughts about Weir in The Return, Part 1 bygrav_ity
"I read somewhere (I forget exactly where) that people were upset with Elizabeth's failure to cope after they all came home. I don't think this is entirely fair, for two reasons"

Brotherly Manlove by Winchesters by sargraf
An exploration of how Dean and Sam communicate in the talks in 'Shadow' and 'Something Wicked'.

Dean, Sam, and emotional intimacy/communication by destina
"I was reading sargraf's in-depth meta about … the ways in which Dean and Sam communicate.… I gave this some thought, because I was really taken by her theory, but I don't see them quite this way."

September 28th, 2006

Sue Storm Kicks Butt, Takes Names, and Finally (Finally!) Earns My Respect by Amy Reads
"At the start of Civil War, I had a feeling things would change between Sue and Reed."

Stargirl ≠ Kitty Pryde by kalinara
"[A reviewer] believes that Stargirl has more in common with Kitty Pryde, as an intelligent, super-competent character far wiser than her years than say Jubilation Lee. Now I have a lot of respect for this reviewer's opinions, though we rarely agree, but in this case, I really and truly disagree."

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
I Can Explain - Spike in 'As You Were' by peasant_
"For me, as a Spike fan, the real question of interest is was Spike the Doctor and just how much did he know about the eggs. Is he an innocent dupe or a criminal mastermind?"

Chronicles of Narnia
There and back agains by sharpest_rose
"I have a love for coming-of-age narratives…. I'm also weirdly fond of the Chronicles of Narnia, even though I find them incredibly problematic and, as things I've written before … suggest, I feel like the things that I find difficult to accept in Narnia colour how I watch Supernatural, particularly Sam."

100 Acre Deadwood by Justin Droms & Russ Braun
Winnie the Pooh goes to Deadwood. Warning: adult content. Seriously, warning.

Doctor Who
Alternate Britains in Doctor Who, 2006 vs 1970 by nwhyte 10th Doctor spoilers
"I rewatched the [2006 David Tennant two-parter "Rise of the Cybermen"/"The Age of Steel"], and the relevant episodes of the [the 1970 Jon Pertwee series "Inferno"], to compare and contrast the two takes on the same theme, thiry-six years apart, and in particular (this being my own personal area of greatest interest) to consider the two stories' takes on the politics of a parallel Britain, and what that tells us about how the world has changed since the year Edward Heath came to power."

The Implausibility Problem: Comparisons from RED DWARF, BLAKE’S 7, and DOCTOR WHO by Arwen Spicer
"[D]rama requires plausibility, which is based on internal consistency. A world unbound by rules is outside our human experience. And a story that is not related to our experience will not move us. Stories that intend to be moving, therefore, must adhere to the rules of their own universes. Every time they don’t, they lose us a little, which is all the greater shame when these stories are the ones we love."

Character Study: Chase started by namasteyoga
"To me, Chase's history makes him strong. He emerged from a difficult background as a sane, smart and well-adjusted adult with a limited amount of emotional baggage. While his tendency to not fight battles makes some people see him as weak, to me he seems to know when to pick his battles."

Of things fannish comments 1 and comments 2 by researchgrrrl
"The warming-up-to-Chase thing has been so damned weird. I started doing so when I realized he really is a larval version of House, just as assy and just as much of a rockstar in terms of doing shit his own way." You can ignore the original post; go straight to the comments.

Stargate: SG1
Stargate Meta: Jaffa and Ethnicity by cofax7
"Today, you get a longish discussion of ethnicity in the Stargate universe, specifically the Jaffa, with a fair amount of meta. So what's the deal with the Jaffa casting, anyway?"

The Dark Corners of Dean's Psyche in Devil's Trap by noelql
"So, bottom line, Dean has some really dark corners in his psyche that he’s now had out on display for Sam to see, and I think he really, really wishes that Sam had never seen that part of him."

See also Chronicles of Narnia

September 21st, 2006

Romance Special: Wonder Girl's Creepy Husband by Chris Sims
"Terry, for those of you who don't know, managed to hook up with--and eventually marry--foxy young Amazon Donna Troy despite being a complete and utter creepy loser."

Feel. . . The Power Of Love! by CalvinPitt
"The more I think about it, the more I realize Hudlin missed an opportunity with the Doom/T'Challa fight."

Race, Genre Fiction, Fandom, and the Confluence of Self-Destructive Behaviors with Self-*Protective* Behaviors by thete1
"Back when "War Games" was first wrapping up, I mentioned casually a few times that I couldn't really deal, at the time, with the other thing I loathed about the storyline. You know, the thing which *wasn't* Steph."

Bones comments/rantiness by neonhummingbird
"Any time a show inserts a new character who appears to exist solely to create conflict, I get cranky."

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel
The Soul issue: free will and Christian metaphor in Spike’s journey by darynthe
"The goal of this analysis will be to determine if there can be a valid explanation to the inconsistencies found in the behavior of Spike in relation to Angel and other vampires in the Buffyverse, and the concept of vampires free will and how it’s linked to their lack of soul."

Thoughts about 'Help' by elisi
"[W]hy Cassie's death was such a big deal to Buffy."

Deadwood, 3x1 to 3x3 by vaznetti
"One of the thing the show does rather well is play with my expectations of character" Hearst, Al, and Trixie discussed.

Doctor Who
What I personally think about this alien planets issue if you care and my crazy theory on RTD's approach to Doctor Who by neohippie
"The Ninth Doctor told me if I came with him we could go anywhere, so I came. He didn't tell me, 'come with me, and we will explore the emotional consequences of relationships between a 900 year old man and 20 year old women.' If he had said that, I would never have watched another episode."

How the Ninth Doctor's regeneration was handled started by frelling_tralk
"I'm curious on how people saw the Ninth Doctor's regeneration handled."

Thoughts on regeneration by boji
"If regeneration is like shedding a snake-skin then what did the Doctor shed? (in terms of emotional characteristics if that can be done) And what came into the mix in terms of experiences/growth from earlier incarnations/versions of this same being."

meta that turned into ramble by akire_yta
compares Stargate: Atlantis's and Eureka's depictions of scientists

House: Cane and Abel by natlyn
"I love that Wilson so desperately wants House to feel better—both physically and mentally, but am pretty sure that if House were to accomplish both the House–Wilson friendship would be doomed."

Comments on Cane and Abel by movies_michelle
"I am finding Wilson's obsession with "crashing" kind of interesting, though."

Law & Order: Criminal Intent
So. Criminal Intent more coherently? by aj
Discussion of the Eames and Goren partnership and love for the first episode of the season.

Star Trek
Mr. Universe by Ronald D. Moore
“Star Trek” is often reduced to kitsch: Kirk’s paunch, Spock’s pointy ears, green-skinned alien girls. But it was more than escapism and rubber-suited aliens. It was a morality play, with Capt. James T. Kirk as a futuristic John F. Kennedy piloting a warp-driven PT-109 through the far reaches of the galaxy."

Stargate: Atlantis
The Caldwell Manifesto by icarusancalion
"[M]y attempt to fill in the blanks on a very American military commander whose words are tough, who's clearly hard-headed if honest, who displays curious vulnerabilities alongside his autocratic arrogance."

M&MM and What it Means for the Characters by lilyayl
"Thoughts on McKay and Mrs. Miller and what it might mean for the characters."

Race and SGA by sageness
"[I]f you were to judge the world from SGA, you would learn that black people are racist, crazy cannon fodder or wraithbait, and women are idiotic, inconsistent, mysteriously badass, holier than thou, and untouchable."

See also Eureka

Devil's Trap: Discussion Question by potthead
"How is Dean affected by the [spoiler] statement made by THE DEMON, and how do you think Sam felt at having this truth-but-perhaps-not-truth statement out in the open?"

September 14th, 2006

Holy Discontent, Batgirl!! by Amy Reads
"It's been 32 years in the making, Batgirl, but you've gotten your equal pay after all."

Sex and the Multiple Man by Melchior del Darién
"What's interesting is that, in a meta-narrative sense, Madrox has landed the male fantasy tri-fecta."

Y The Last Man Theories: Who Killed All The Men?? by Heidi Meeley
"Issue 50 promises to reveal the reason of the death of all men. Since issue 49 is coming out next week, I wanted to take the opportunity to guess at some possiible reasons for the demise of men."

My So-Called Burqa by Karen Healey
"Specifically, let's talk about the clothes of Sooraya Qadir of the New X-Men."

The Beauty of Brian Michael Bendis by Henry Jenkins
"My essay tries to determine what made Bendis a unique voice in the superhero genre (despite some profound differences in theme and audience across his various books) and also what made him exemplary of contemporary comics production." Discussion of Ultimate Spider-man among other Bendis works.

Battlestar Galactica
Write 'Em Until We Can't: Battlestar Galactica Lays Down Its Burdens by Dan Hartland
Considers "Lay Down Your Burdens, Part 2" in context with the rest of the season.

Doctor Who
Influences started by luthien_black
"[A]re there examples in the past where Doctor Who eps have drawn on literary, or perhaps historical, references in creating their stories?"

Which brings us back to Susan... by spiralsheep
"Does what we learn in 'School Reunion' change what we should think about One dumping Susan out of the TARDIS to explore her love for a human?"

A few reactions and thinky Farscape thoughts by elke_tanzer
Elke watched all four seasons and the mini-series in approximately 8 days. Read her adoration.

Woman In White: A Feminist Perspective (Part One) by briarwood
"[T]he treatment of the prominent female characters in each episode.… is what I want to address here."

Woman In White: A Feminist Perspective (Part Two) by briarwood
"[I]n this part I'm going to discuss Mary and Jess and the Women in Refrigerators Syndrome."
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