July 30th, 2008

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Newsletter July 30, 2008

Batman Unmasked: The Psychology of the Dark Knight (History Channel) – a report by seacrystal
"One thing that has particularly stood out to me is how they've emphasized the concept of choices and personal responsibility. Batman is a hero by choice, because he has made the choice to keep on being Batman, because it's the right thing to do."

Battlestar Galactica
Gender, Morality, and BSG. by swallowedbysky
"Does Laura Roslin's gender matter in a gender-equal society?" Also general issues about strong female characters, feminism on BSG, and the appropriateness of rape & torture.

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog
Deconstructing Dr. Horrible. by karjack
"I think it was fairly biting social commentary, and I wonder how many people even realized they were being bitten."

Horrible Thoughts by Rebecca Allen
"And so the end of Dr. Horrible pisses me off hugely, because it really seems like he didn’t even try, and embraced everything he’s always stood against."

Batman's Sing-Along Blog by hth_the_first
Discussion of Dr. Horrible and The Dark Knight in terms of the individual's essential powerlessness vs. the need to believe in individual power.

Doctor Who
In which there is Doctor Who: Kinda by spiralsheep
"People have written deep academic analyses of Kinda. All you're getting from me, however, is a brief recap with lolmacros."

So just what DOES Heroes look like in regards to race and gender, anyway? by kattahj
"For each character, I have listed the number of eps they're in (still according to imdb, which may not be completely updated), as well as yes/no/maybe-answers to the following questions: white, WASP (white Anglo-Saxon protestant), male, good, and alive."

Heroes by The Angry Black Woman
"So, portrayals. One of the biggest problems in this arena is how many of the CoC are first presented to us as negative stereotypes."

What's wrong with this picture (2) – House edition by nekocat
Discusses the characters of Cuddy, Cameron, Thirteen and Amber.

Resignation- Scene Analysis by fox_hunt
Examines the text, context, and subtext of the dialogue from the House–Wilson scene in 'Resignation,' in which they discuss Wilson being on anti-depressants.

Talking about Firefly. No, really. by fox1013
"When the movie points River as the only one, the Special-est Special in Specialdom, that changes the context of everything. If River is the most special person at the Academy, then she is not just Brilliant- she is the top of the top of the top, the single figure who could do what she can do- so what do they do? They break her."

Escapade Panel: John: Good Hero, Bad Dad? by sylvia_bond
"I think it would be interesting to discuss what kind of father John Winchester actually was. He has so many good qualities and so many bad ones....people get so riled about this subject, it might be nice to hear some debate on it."

Hello, I'm a minority! by tanarian
"Jack's reactions during this episode [Meat] were different to previous episodes. … Gwen is very confrontational with him and he refuses to back down to her, which he has done on previous occasions. And he's very emotional. More so than usual. So why and what does it mean for the glory that is Janto?"

Terminator 2: Judgment Day by coffeeandink
"Sarah and the Arnie terminator have similar narrative trajectories: they are both violent, unpredictable, and initially solitary, and are humanized by the civilizing, pacifist influence of a small (male) child."

The Dark Knight: Batman's Sing-Along Blog by hth_the_first
Discussion of Dr. Horrible and The Dark Knight in terms of the individual's essential powerlessness vs. the need to believe in individual power.

The Dark Knight: Burtonverse vs. Nolanverse, focused on Batman and Joker by kowaiyoukai
"These are just a few thoughts that I had regarding the differences between the Burtonverse and Nolanverse.… The summary of the rest of my post, or TL;DR: Nolanverse wins over Burtonverse in almost every way."