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Newsletter November 29, 2007

Battlestar Galactica
Battlestar Galactica And The Myth Of No Antagonists by teh_no
"So the humans have goals that I can sympathize with, even if they occasionally do horrible things to get to those goals. As for the Cylons, I have no idea what their goals is, just that they're going to do horrible things (a LOT of horrible things) to get it."

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Dating Death: Love and Sex in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer [sic] by Jennifer Crusie
"Buffy has had three loves in her seven-year fight against the Hellmouth, and three of these relationships followed the basic psychological progress--assumption, attraction, infatuation, and attachment--which is why they all felt true emotionally."

Doctor Who
"Smith and Jones" - In Which We Meet Martha Jones by intrikate88
The thing that struck me the most about Martha’s character is how she acts. Rather than being written as strongly active, she is instead reactive."

Rome and why the Peacekeepers are Roman and not Nazi by tassosss
"[The Peacekeepers] were a conquering army in the sense that they put the rulers of worlds into power and kept them there, which if I remember correctly is what the Romans did after they conquered a land (although I think they were usually Romans, but no comparison will be perfect)."

Heroes Theories: Peter vs. Sylar, The Company and Papa Parkman by rogueslayer452
"I love how parallel both Peter and Sylar are this season, like a reversal of roles shall we say. They're both entirely different and complete opposites from where they were last season."

A Hiro's Journey by boji
"I've been trying to find an angle to discuss what I love about the show and what I could happily leave. I've been thinking about it as a cohesive whole and realising that thematically it's a show about parents and offspring. It's a show about the journey sons take to walk in, or out of, their father's shadow."

Heroes through 2x04: Claire's storyline by coffeeandink
"This isn't going to be very long [eta: hahaha], because I am too disheartened. Claire is my favorite character and I've been finding a lot of her storyline in the past two episodes just too painful to watch.… Once she has a romantic subplot, the active Claire of S1 becomes passive, or active primarily in defiance of paternal strictures on romance."

Law and Order: Criminal Intent
The Goren and Eames Divide of 2006/7 by aj
"All that being said, the reason I think he contributed to the massive MEOW-BOOM that was Bobby and Alex this year is that from the very first episode, he planted a seed of distrust. He flat-out told Alex that he was watching Goren and that he wanted her keeping an eye on him. And yes, Alex told Bobby about this, but that little sting was already there. The knowledge that his boss didn't trust him to do his job.… That was a big, honking blow to Bobby's professional ego. Not to mention a really new and different stress thrown onto his partnership with Eames."

The Road to Hell is Paved With 'Em: Colorblind Casting and SPN by minim_calibre
"The season had three African-American characters who appeared in more than one episode, and all three of them were either allies turned antagonists or antagonists from the start"

let me show you them by vaznetti
"What's fascinating, of course, is that what came back from the dead is 100% pure unadulterated Sam Winchester. He's always been ruthless, and he's always been willing to sacrifice other people's wellbeing for his own…. Now he's more mature and less selfish, but the ruthlessness is still there."

The X Files
The X-Files Timeline by Mike Marek
"Careful review of the many mythology arc episodes of The X-Files produces a picture much more complete than the series finale gave us. If it is not definitive, it at least holds together, in my opinion."

Vague questioning thoughts engendered by a vid started by kernezelda
"Does anyone have any other shows that don't follow the pattern, that don't portray specifically female victimization as erotic?"
Supernatural, Blake's 7, Farscape, Battlestar Galactica
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