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Newsletter July 12, 2007

Blake's 7
STAR ONE - Wading in Blood and Bad Temper by Sally Manton
"My view is that Blake's decision to destroy Star One is in fact not only justifiable, but the only just decision he *can* make - and also that Avon actually agrees with that decision. He's fighting Blake on personal grounds, not political, and certainly not humanitarian."

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Vampires amidst the Community: The Role of the State in Dealing with Supernatural Threats to the Civilian Population by dlgood
"Investigating the question of whether The Initiative was a logical answer to the Demon world, and whether the Buffyverse still needs such an organization even now? The response will consider the role of civic institutions in a world with a shadow supernatural element."

Doctor Who
Two Views: Doctor Who, "The Runaway Bride" by Nicholas Whyte and Tony Keen
"New Who has tended to opt for exploring character rather than plot"

The Brute, the Brawler, and the Ballerina: Fighting Styles and Character Development in Firefly and Serenity by Jason Couch
"A subtle aspect of the character development is the way each character’s style of hand-to-hand fighting reflects his or her broader character traits, and in some instances reflects growth experienced by the character." Jayne, Mal, River

Working out Hanna Gitleman's biography by hagar_972
"Hanna's biography bugs me. It really does. 'Cause she's Israeli, and it shouldn't be hard to make her bio work, but they messed it up five different ways in the comic."

recent thoughts by cadesama
Discusses the Evil Parental Conspiracy of ensuring the bomb went off and the inevitability of Peter/Niki.

Cicero and Pullo by vaznetti
"I still don't like the way they handled Cicero's final scene. I think that for me, the problem is Pullo's innocence."

Stargate: Atlantis
Miscellaneous Meta Thoughts II by zincpiccalilli
Meta thoughts on early history of the Pegasus Galaxy, inside Genii politics, and ATA gene controversies.

*HUGZZZ* (and kisses!) by liviapenn
"So I was thinking about the SGA characters and how there's been a lot of hugging this season and I decided to count up all the hugs, by season (and sorted by who hugs who.)" Spoilers thru 'Sunday'.

Stargate SG-1
Canon vs. Fanon, part 12: A Jack O'Neill Edition by sg_fignewton
Examines fannish tropes regarding Jack griping about trees, being Hammond's second-in-command, and playing practical jokes.
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