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Newsletter June 28, 2007

Doctor Who
Unrequited love by jedi_penguin
"[W]hen have we seen [the Doctor] face unrequited love? I can think of one or more Companion that might have been in love with the Doctor, but when have we seen the Doctor love somebody who didn't love him back?"

You could've come back by brak666
"An idea about why the Doctor doesn't visit his old friends as often as he maybe should."

Salman Rushdie and 'Heroes' by tastyfusionfare
"While [reading Salman Rushdie's novels] I noticed that they contain a lot of things which Tim Kring obviously used to create Heroes. I don't know if he ever mentioned Rushdie or anything about the origin of his ideas but I thought I collect a couple of places from Rushdie's books which can be directly related to Heroes."

Shouting At, With Heroes Tonight by megatrouble
"[N]otice that both of the female characters, Niki and Claire, are encouraged to suppress their powers, while Parkman, Hiro, and Peter all get use them for either for the defense or dismantling of the state."

Stargate: Atlantis
The Problems With Stargate Atlantis - 3.17 - 'Sunday' by tielan
"They needed to do this episode last season. At the very least, they needed to do parts of this episode over the course of the last three seasons of Atlantis."

Women in Torchwood by the_unoriginal
"I wish Torchwood would promote more positive, stronger female characters. Tosh and Gwen are never on missions alone (following up on Eugene's death wasn't a dangerous situation), and they're quite unstable emotionally."

Impossible yet Inevitable: Unintended Pregnancy in FARSCAPE, DEEP SPACE NINE, STAR WARS, and THE X-FILES by Arwen Spicer
"[M]uch of science fiction TV and film treats unplanned pregnancies as if they were the natural order of things. This stance not only constitutes dubious storytelling but implicitly undermines the social benefits of responsible family planning."
Why are you looking down here? Didn't you read the title? Farscape, ST: Deep Space 9, Revenge of the Sith, The X Files, Battlestar Galactica Weren't expecting that one were you? Good thing you looked.
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