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Newsletter March 13, 2008

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Newsletter for thoughtful fannish discussion

Newsletter March 13, 2008

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think pooh
Obsidian Butterfly by melpomene
"I wanted to talk about how OB stood out as an awesome treatment of mixed race issues. Because it takes Anita out of her surprisingly monoracial St Louis context, and plunks her down in the middle of New Mexico, you’d think there’d be tons of discussion of Anita as a mixed race Latina. Since the plot revolves around Aztec mythology, you’d also think there’d be something on the various ways indigenous beliefs inform mainstream faith experiences as well as understandings of history."

Primer: Alan Moore by Noel Murray and Keith Phipps
Examines the works of Alan Moore.

Doctor Who
Martha as Mammy and yet more 'ism's in the Whoverse by karnythia
"I'm noticing a lot of people insisting that the portrayal of Martha as strong and capable automatically negates any accusation of sexism in the latest season of Who. And people demanding step by step proof of the racism, because apparently it's all just the way things are written and we're making too much of it."

Donna's character by paulpogue
Compares Donna, Martha, and Rose.

2x09: Cautionary Tales by coffeeandink
"[Matt] was the head of the Gestapo in "Five Years Gone", and we see here how he could start on that path: not by deciding to take power, but by deciding to take advantage of what power gets him and by rationalizing the abuse he's committing."

2x09 Cautionary Tales Census started by oyceter
Discussion of gender and race in the episode, particularly of powered girls being protected by men. Excellent thoughts in the comments.

A Heroes Alphabet: 2x08 "Four Months Ago" by technosage
Discussion of Angela Petrilli's power and what it means for her sons, theory on powers, various characters, race politics, incest shipping, and Mohinder love.

Sarah Connor Chronicles
1x05: Queen's Gambit by coffeeandink and veritykindle
"Queen's gambit: sacrifice the queen to save the king. And John's the king now, all important and powerless." Also, "I actually think it's really interesting to see how differently Sarah and John react to Cameron."

Star Wars
Clone Wars news and thoughts, and a couple random Anakin thoughts by imadra_blue
"I think I can sum up everything I find wrong with Anakin/Padme by pointing you to the scene where she goes to comfort him in the garage after his mother dies. It reminded me of why the relationship sort of creeps me out and appears as infantile."

Anakin's slaughter of the Tuskens by pyramidhead316
"I sometimes see criticism of Padme for not slapping Anakin after his confession in AOTC, or not yelling at him, or calling him disgusting and never speaking to him again. …Maybe the fact that the Tuskens kidnapped and murdered an innocent woman had something to do with Padme's indifference?"

Stargate: Atlantis
SGA: my view of John by loligo
"In the wake of Outcast, it seems like there's been another fandom-wide round of Who Is John Sheppard, Really? I thought I'd share my interpretation of John, which is colored heavily by my experiences with my college friend who I'll call "Tom"."

The Rodney/Katie Brown question by horridporrid
"I *love* how Carl Binder and Martin Wood and Brenda James and David Hewlett handled the Rodney/Katie Brown question. Seriously. Loved it. Even though (actually probably because) it broke my heart."

Stargate: SG1
Canon vs. Fanon, part 14: A Sam Carter Edition by sg_fignewton
Takes on nicknames, 'Holy Hannah!' and Sam's age.

Humanity, Sleeper, CW, Gwen, Ianto and a mix of Analogies by sarcasticchick
"I've watched Sleepers quite a few times now. Make that, a ridiculous amount of views. Not to mention Cyberwoman and Countrycide. And I was struck by the similarities between Ianto's pleas and the team killing Lisa, and Gwen's pleas and the team killing Beth."

Relationship Mirrors in Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang by crabby_lioness
""Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang" reestablishes the relationships between the Torchwood characters, while taking those relationships a step further. In the process it highlights some of the mirrors and parallels between the characters."

Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang: Relationships Revisited... by fajrdrako
Considers Captain Jack and Ianto, Captain Jack and Captain John, and Captain Jack and his team.

The X Files
Dana Scully: X-Files by Tracey
"We have seen Scully experience the highest of highs both professionally and personally, and also seen her suffer through her lowest, most desolate of times. While she doubts herself and her beliefs at times, Scully is a fighter and she will always endure."

10 Most Moving Deaths by Robin Brownfield
"On occasion, though, a character dies and stays dead, or at least mostly dead. Since we’re in the dead of winter, I thought it would warm the hearts to remember 10 of the most moving deaths that stuck in the past 10 years.…"
Angel, Buffy, BSG, Jericho, Moonlight, Smallville, Serenity, Trek

Poll: Which sci-fi/fantasy presidential ticket gets your vote? by Jay Garmon
Tickets include Roslin/Airlock, Picard/Riker, Kirk/Spock, Baggins/Gamgee, Vader/Skywalker, Dumbledore/Snape and several candidates without running mates.
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